E-Mail dated 10/17/11

Kia Ora

Things are going great! The people we met last week are doing awesome. They came to church yesterday and we plan to go see them tonight at 7. They have so many good questions. My companion and I are totally going to baptize them. Also, I got to set another lady to be baptized on the 20th of November. I'm so excited. Her name is V and she is about 36 (I don't actually know) but her children were taken from her and now she is trying to change to get them back. She loves her children so much. She is doing great though. We are also teaching these people named A and V. V is a less active and A is not a member. She wants to be baptized but can't be until she gets married or V moves out and they have a child together that is about 3 months old. They are awesome. She loves to read the Book of Mormon and learn. The weather is ok. It change every day. You can never tell when its going to rain but it rains almost everyday but not always for very long. It's not quite warm out yet. It is some days but not always. My flat is ok. It's really dirty from the last missionaries but it's ok. My companion is awesome. We get along so well and he's the district leader so we are busy all the time. My area is only the West Harbour ward so not that big because its mostly city and we have a car. It's great. I'll definitely put on weight because we have the car and because we get fed so much. We get fed by members every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday and it's always a lot. The food is pretty good so far. I haven't had anything that I didn't like so that's good. I love serving a mission. It's so much fun. I already have a really good reputation. My companion says I'm going to make him famous because he is my trainer. It's funny as. Oh and that's a saying here. The people here say things are cool as or funny as or small as. It just means really cool or funny or small. Church was awesome because we had R and A there and we got to get up and bear our testimonies. Oh and my favorite meal was this dinner I had last night. It was this chicken fettucini and a bunch of other stuff like salad and fried potatoes. It was great, and there was this pie afterwards that was good as. It was a Fijoa and apple pie, and the ice cream here is amazing. But sounds like life back home is good. Hope everything is well.

Ofa Atu,
Elder Lee

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