Email dated 11/06/11

Disclaimer- we were sending his email at the same time we received this. The daylight savings threw us off.

Kia Ora Everyone,

I'm going to guess that everyone was super busy this week because no one emailed me except my friend who is on a mission. I'm doing well though. Just thought you all should know that our investigators are doing well. We are about to have 5 set for baptism for this month. We already have V set for November 20th, J set for November 26, L set for November 26, and we are about to set R and A for the 26th. It is amazing! L is a Maori lady and she is very interested in learning about what the Mormons are all about. She read in the Book of Mormon and she is continuing to read and we asked her to pray about it. She is going to. She seems to understand everything that we teach which makes it a lot easier. The key to missionary work is to be yourself and be friends with them. J is 17 and we took him to a baptism and he felt overwhelmed by the Spirit and now he is preparing to be baptized. He is awesome. R and A are doing great. There was a period when Elder Whaanga and I were getting worried that they weren't progressing but then we had a lesson with them and asked them," How since we've been coming over has your faith in Jesus Christ grown?" It was truly inspired. They opened up and then the lesson we had after that was amazing. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and R said he wanted to be baptized soon and he asked me if I would do it, that way it would be a new experience for both of us. They are amazing. They keep committing themselves to living the gospel. They committed themselves to LOC, WOW, and now baptism. Another key to missionary work is to use the members of the ward so Mom and Dad, I hope to hear about how you guys are helping the missionaries next time. All of our main investigators came to church this last Sunday and it was amazing because it was fast and testimony meeting. The Spirit is so strong during those meetings. My companion and I are still getting along great and we are pushing each other to become better missionaries. Missionary work is great!

Ofa Atu,
Elder Lee

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