E-Mail dated 5/27/12

Kia Ora, So the first question I have is: What happened to the family tradition of camping every year on Memorial Day Weekend (Not that I knew it was Memorial Day Weekend cuz we don't have that here so I completely forgot about it.)? Well, anyway, this week was a really good week. It was a little bit un-organised but it was a lot better than weeks past. We had a huge miracle and were able to find a choice as investigator who was prepared by the Lord. We were just going through some of our lists that we have and there was a name on the "Men who haven't served a mission yet" list that we wanted to try and when we went by we were knocking on the door but no one answered but we heard someone in the garage and so we knocked on the garage door. He said that the person who we were looking for didn't live there but he said he would open the door for us. When we went in and talked with him he told us that his family members are members and he is not. He told us that he used to meet with missionaries back in 1975. He said he used to sneak out to meet with them and he even got baptised on a Saturday night. When he told his dad that he was going to church the next day, his dad told him that if he went to not bother coming back so he didn't get confirmed. We met him on Wednesday and set him for that Saturday. It was so cool because we taught him the Restoration and he just felt right then and there that it was true. The sad part is that the next day when we went by for our appointment, he wasn't there because his older brother unexpectedly got really sick and couldn't walk and so he had to take care of him. So he was not able to be baptised but we are looking forward to this weekend for him. Also, the boy we baptised the other week at the Stake Baptism didn't get confirmed this last week. They said they slept in. I was a little frustrated because we asked our Ward Mission Leader to go by but we think he just called the mom and talked to her instead of going by to make sure they were up. We did get to teach another person this week. Her name is A F. She is a single mother with 2 little girls. She is Catholic but she's been meeting with missionaries for a while. This last Monday we were able to get out of her, through inspired questions, that she basically knows its true but she's afraid of changing because of her family but we committed her to praying to know if changing is the right thing to do. We scheduled to come back today, but also to follow up and see what her answer was on this last Thursday. We went by on Thursday and she seemed very smiley and happy and she told us that she was going to make us wait until Monday for the answer. We were so gutted but at the same time excited and happy. We know she got her answer and I don't think she would make us wait until today just to tell us not to come back. So June is looking very good right now. Also, our set R is amazing. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and also the Law of Chastity came up so we taught him that as well. He is taking it well. He is so sincere about a change in his life. We took him some clothes to borrow for church until we can get him some he can keep. He was so happy. He really enjoyed church as well. It's just been a really good week. I say it was a bit un-organised because we missed out on a lesson on Saturday because we didn't have proper communication, but all is well. Hope everything is still going well back home. Love you all. Ofa Atu, Elder Lee

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