E-Mail Dated 4/29/12

Kia Ora, It's so good to hear from you. That's awesome that Brandon finished his Eagle Project! Keep working hard, Brandon! It pays out in the end. Also, tell Rich and Ashley I said hello, and I need their address so I can write them. Send me pictures if you can. I love to see pictures. So just to tell you about my week: It was a great week. We have been working really hard to find more people to teach and we have found a few more people to teach that are solid as. They are asking the most choice questions. We had a dinner with the Tuala family this week. Brother Tuala's dad is not a member. It was funny though because they arranged it so that it would just be us and him. We went over and had a massive feed (It was delicious, but not new). We then found out that Sister Tuala (the Primary President and return missionary from Guam) was home as well. So we got to have a really good lesson with him after. He has been coming to church these last few weeks and is really curious. We had a commitment from our lesson to study the rest of the chapter in Gospel Principles, that we didn't finish, on the Life of Jesus Christ. We were reading through it with Brother Tuala Sr. and when we got to the part about Jesus calling his Apostles he started to ask some really good questions. He even asked us why we say that we are the only true church? So we were able to teach him a bit of the Restoration. It was a very Spirit led lesson. We also had a lesson with another Part-Member family, the Tufuga's, where the wife is a member but the husband is not. We again taught a very Spirit led lesson and invited him to be baptized and he said that he would prepare for it. He only said that after we pulled all of his concerns about baptism out through inspired questions. He asked us if you need to be baptized to be a member. We are planning to teach him tonight about the Gospel and how baptism is essential not just for the purpose of becoming a member but also when it's done through God's authority it actually cleanses us of all of our sins. It was a really good week. Unfortunately it's coming to the end of the transfer and so transfers is on Thursday. (Transfers happen every 6 weeks). I hope that neither of us goes because we get along so well and we have fun while working our hardest, but nevertheless God's will be done not mine. I will let you know what happens with transfers next week. Ofa Atu, Elder Lee P.S. the pictures of some members and recent converts that were killing some pigs to have a hangi.

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