E-Mail Dated 11/10/12

Kia Ora, Man, it's so crazy that Brandon is graduating on Tuesday! He is free to use whatever I left in that Tupperware with Ryan. He would need to ask Ryan where it is though. Also I had my graduation party at the Goodfellow's I believe. Any ways, we had a great week this week in some aspects. We had a miracle where we had received a referral from our Mission Office and so we were trying to contact him all last weekend and we didn't get a hold of him until Wednesday this last week. His name is S and apparently he called the Mission Office to know how he could get baptised in the Mormon church. When we finally met him, he told us his story about how he used to live in West Valley, Utah and had been to see the temple and the Conference centre. He then got deported for a felony and was living in Mangere which is a little bit West of where I am now. When he was in Mangere he met with the Tongan missionaries and went to church with them a couple times but eventually said he's not ready. Later after he moved to our area he was in the city one day and just bought some smokes but when he stepped outside he saw our church family services building and so he threw the smokes away and went and asked how to get a hold of missionaries. We went and taught him and found out that he was already quitting smoking and drinking before being taught the Word of Wisdom. We then set him for the 16th of this month. It was a huge miracle. The only sad thing is that he ended up not coming to church for some reason and so he can't get baptised this weekend. Next weekend though for sure. We also went on trade-off this week with the missionaries that are in the MTC. I went with a missionary named Elder Tehei. He is from Tahiti (I always end up being with the Tahitians) and we had heaps of miracles. We had a few lessons on the street and had a few new investigators from it. After that trade-off we had another one with our zone leaders. I was with Elder Walker for the 3rd time in a row but this time we were in my area. It was only for a couple hours but we had some really amazing experiences. We taught a guy named A (we taught and set him before but he seems to always dodge our appointments and so he didn't get baptised). When we taught him that night we invited him to be baptised as he put his focus on the temple. He agreed to the 30th of this month but unfortunately he didn't come to church either. We are really having a hard time getting our investigators to church. But on the other hand we brought a random guy to church that we met 10 minutes before church. His name is T and I believe he is the uncle to one of our investigators. So that was our week. It was good but unfortunately we didn't get anyone else to church. Love you all. Ofa Atu, Elder Lee

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