E-mail dated 9/21/11

Hey Mom and Dad,

I'm doing great. My companion and I are still getting along great and we are working hard. We've been made Zone Leaders over 3 districts. It's kind of crazy but a lot of fun. I love my district. They are great. We all have so much fun. They are hilarious. My companion and I have been teaching 4 investigators. They are all paid actors but it is very realistic. One of the people we have been teaching doesn't believe in God. In fact he says, "I know there is no God." It's so hard. It can be a bit frustrating at times but that's life. I don't worry about it though because I always know that I'm learning and that the Spirit is the real teacher. Another one of the people we are teaching is a nonmember that lives in Utah and he loves the outdoors. We've commited him to reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church with us. We also got our less-active investigator to commit to reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and coming to church on Sunday. I think we're doing pretty good. We're pretty excited. We are pretty good at teaching the restoration now. We're still working on the Plan of Salvation but we had the opportunity to go to the temple today and do an endowment session. It was great it definitely helped me understand how to teach the Plan of Salvation better. As I wrote in the letter Wednesday is our P-day and I'm scheduled to leave for New Zealand on Oct 3 so only a week and a half left in the MTC. The days feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days. It's crazy, but I'm way excited. Tell everyone to write letters because it feels so good to get them. And be sure to send this email to everyone else too because I don't have any email addresses memorized. My mailing address is in the letter that I sent. Let me know if you have any questions.
Love you all,

Elder Lee

Hey you can also use Dear Elder to write me letters so that I can get them the same day. Ask Gram if you want to know more. I only have like 30 minutes to write emails but I can write more i letters. Any way, got to go.

Love you,

Elder Lee

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