Email dated 12/04/11

Kia Ora Everyone,

How are you all doing? I have had a good week this week. We have been working really hard at being exactly obedient so that we can be blessed with miracles. We were able to teach a new family the restoration this week. We committed them to reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. When we went back a day or two later one of them read and prayed and felt good about it. We feel really good about this family but they need to come to church. We have also been trying to teach this other lady and her family but she always seems to be tied up with the kids and wants to do it another day. We have also been teaching our recent converts. R just got called as the YM secretary. He is truly amazing. L is doing really well. She goes to choir practice and is going to feed us on Wednesday. She also is trying to get her children to sit down with us to learn. V and her kids are doing great. J (her son) is getting baptized this Saturday and he is so excited for it. We are also trying to teach the rest of her kids but one of her daughters is afraid of gettting baptized because she is afraid of deep water. It has been a good week but I'm looking forward to a better week this week. Oh also, I would like some different shoes to play sports in because the Merrels are hard to play basketball in, but I'm in no rush so don't worry about it it its too much of a problem. Oh and this last week I got a really nice $200 jacket. I got it for $60! I would like to get you all some christmas presents but I don't know what you all want. Also, Dad, I meant to write it in the last email but Happy Birthday last Wednesday! Sorry I didn't get to say it last week. Hope you all are doing well. Please let me know if you have any questions for me because I can't remember half the stuff I want to tell you when I write these emails.

Talk to you next week!

Ofa Atu,

Elder Lee

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