E-mail dated 12/11/11

Kia Ora,

So this week has been a really good learning week. I was able to go on trade-offs with the Zone Leaders on thursday. I was leading my area. This trade-off was to see if I am ready to train. This new program, called train the trainer, is crazy. We have an extra hour of study every day to make sure I'm prepared to train. My companion thinks I''m ready. I wonder what the Zone Leaders think. We were able to teach this new family. They are keen as to read the Book of Mormon and Pray. L, the husband to P, who we are teaching, is really keen and came to church yesterday. It was amazing. We think he really liked it because my companion and I spoke in sacrament and when we talked to him after, he told us that he really liked it and had this big smile on his face. Another miracle that Elder Whaanga and I experienced yesterday is that we were being fed by a member yesterday night but they needed us to pick it up. The only problem was that we didn't know where they lived. We had to call our bishop because the number we had for them wasn't working. Our bishop gave us an address. It was 2/35 H Dr. There are 2 streets that have very similar names. One is H Dr. and the other is H Dr. South. So he left off the south part but we didn't know so we go to H and get to the house and we look at it and were a bit put off by the way the house looked. It had broken windows and a car in front that looks like it hasn't moved in 100 years. We were starting to think that it was a typo in the message because there was only a 35 H not a 2/35. We were about to go when all of a sudden the gate in front swung open because of the wind. I said to my companion half joking, "I think that is a sign from God to go talk to them." When we went to the door and talked to the guy he was a 29 year old guy and Elder Whaanga asked him, "Have you ever heard of the Book of Mormon." He then has us wait for a second as he goes to get something and come back. He came back with a scripture case in his hand. He told us how his uncle was a member and how he already has a Book of Mormon. He saw the changes that his uncle made in joining the church and was interested. It was a miracle. We now have a return appointment. His name is K. Yeah its an interesting name. My comanion and I also had a talk about things that I could work on. I'm really trying to make myself better. I was going to let this be a surprise but I have given up cracking my knuckles. I stopped like 2 weeks ago. It wasn't that hard surprisingly. The only food I don't like hard out is Kina. That stuff is really not that good. I was trying not to gag as I swallowed it. It's basically a sea urchent tongue. Oh and I like fish now, but not crab meat. It is pretty weird having it being warm during this time of year. For Christmas, we're going to have a barbeque with a member and we are going to have breakfast with R and A. I'm so excited! Oh and you didn't tell me that Haley is getting married but I did already know that from Gram. I didn't, however, know that Justin and Jeff were getting married. (Mom needs to add for reader sake they are not marrying each other) That's crazy! Sounds like everything is going great back home. Keep up the good work!

Ofa Atu,

Elder Lee

P.S. I attached a picture of our recent convert, Jermaine Reihana. He is Venessa's son and he just got baptized this last Saturday. It has been another great week.

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