E-Mail Dated 4/22/12

Kia Orana, (Cook Island for Hello) Peha koe? (Cook Island for how are you). You would then respond Me Taki. (Cook Island for good). Man serving in Tamaki is so much fun! The people here are mainly islanders. So we mainly talk to people from the Cook Islands, Samoa, and Tonga. I love picking up bits of each language. I can now say Hello how are you, and good in Cook Island, Samoan, and Tongan. Most of the people here though are Cook Island. It's been a really good week. We worked really hard this week and we were also able to save 3 souls this week. The P family got baptised on Saturday and loved it. So Elder Sorensen baptised A, I baptized C, and Brother Tongamana (a member in the ward and also M's brother-in-law) baptised M. It was such a spiritual experience. There were 5 musical items but they weren't all intentional. One of the groups was supposed to do one song but they got announced twice so they did another song which happened to be the same song that our cottage evening group was going to do. We did it any ways and it was a very good baptismal service. We also have B who was planning to be baptised this last weekend but his mom is very anti missionaries and so she won't meet with us and talk to us. But she is friends with a member so they've agreed for him to be baptised on the 19th of May. We're just happy that he can still be baptised. We are also teaching a few other people that we have recently learned live outside of our boundaries. We didn't know this because they are friends of a returning less active and so the lessons are always at her house. We are having a family home evening with them tonight. It's going to be fun because we have heaps of people coming over. We are going to teach L's (the LA returning) friends until they are comfortable with missionaries and then refer them on. I hate it when that happens because they are so choice! Overall, it has been a great week! Oh and Ryan, did you know an Elder Walker on your mission? My zone leader said that his brother served in Birmingham as well at about the same time as you. Dad- the reason I write short emails sometimes is because I have limited time and money to pay for emails because we have to go to an internet cafe. Brandon- Keep working hard on that Eagle Project. It is definitely worth it! Ofa Atu, Elder Lee

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