E-Mail Dated 8/27/12

Kia Ora, I hope everything went well back home this last week but here everything is going great. In answer to the questions that I've been asked. 1. Transfers is not this Thursday but the one after that. (To be honest, I don't think either my companion or I will be shifted, but you never know). 2. I will hit my year mark on Sept. 14. I've been told also that the 2nd year is faster. I hope not because the 1st went too quick! But anyways, this week was really cool because we got to travel up to Auckland for the Mission Conference. We were able to hear from Elder Craig Christensen and Elder Kevin Pearson. Elder Pearson is the 1st counsellor in the Area Presidency here as well as in the Seventy. It was so good! they gave some mean talks! The common theme seemed to be about becoming Disciples of Christ and not just acting. They were very bold in speaking so it made it hit home more. I am trying to apply what they said because I want to make a permanent change and not just a temporary one. They said that our Identity leads to our Belief/Values which leads to our Actions which makes our Reality. If we want to change our Reality then we need to understand our Identity. Of course all of us are Sons and Daughters of God and so we must embrace that and change to become like Him. I thought it was a mean conference. Nothing much happened this last week besides that. Oh I don't know if I told you this but our ward has 4 missionaries in it (Us and aother companionship). They had a baptism on Saturday of a family of 7 but only the 5 kids got baptised for now. The parents are getting baptised in December because they want to get married on Nov. 27th or something like that. It's been an exciting week! Love you all! Ofa Atu, Elder Lee

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