E-mail Dated 9/3/12

Kia Ora, Wow! It sounds like a lot of people are getting married! It's so crazy to hear about all of these people getting married so suddenly. I hope everything goes well as you go out to Idaho. This week wasn't all that great of a week. Down here in Gisborne, it's very hard to wok in this area because the missionaries in the past have ruined our relationship with the invesitgators because they were too pushy so we're just trying to find ways to get back on their good sides. We have been getting a basketball night organised for every Friday Night at 7. It was really fun this last friday because there was about 10 people playing the whole time but the teams were uneven in number and in skill. It was 3 on 7. The three were my companion and I and a member. It was funny because we still were keeping up with them and we were even smashing them at one point. It was a lot of fun though because everyone was just playing around to have fun not to be serious. We also were blessed to see one of our investigators at church for the 1st time and it sounds like she's going to start coming more often. It's cool because she's 16 but she's doing it for herself and to follow Jesus Christ not because of friends or anything. She has the desire but we're going to see how much soon. That's our week in a nutshell. Love you all. Ofa Atu, Elder Lee

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