E-Mail Dated 9/10/12

Kia Ora, Sorry Mom that I haven't sent any pictures lately. We just haven't done anything exciting lately or that I had my camera for. But I attached some today. Dad, I'm not entirely sure what you mean but I'm guessing you are reffering to how I spell things with s's instead of z's. I don't think it will matter too much though because if it was that easy to break a habit of typing z's when I've done it for my whole life I don't think it will be hard to go back. Anyways, It sounds like you all have had a very busy week! How was Rexburg? Did you like it? This week was a pretty mean week. Transfers were this last week but neither my companion or I went. We are staying in Gisborne for another transfer! I really like it down here because of the people and the scenery for sure, but it is hard at times. But hard was put into perspective to me by our Mission President when he came down this last weekend for Stake Conference. He made my definition of hard seem like child's play. When he came down the first night he came to our nightly planning and helped us out a bit and told us that he wanted to come to our companion study the next morning. It was quite a nerve racking experience having him at our flat, but we made it through. It was actually a really good learning experience for me. He told me some things that I could improve on. One of those things is being more bold. This week is going to be me applying it. Also this last week we had another missionary with us for a day because his companion was being shifted. It was pretty interesting having him with us because he's like 26 and is very bossy. It was a pretty mean week though. Hope this week is just the same. Hope you all enjoy your weeks. I love you all. Ofa Atu, Elder Lee

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