E-mail dated 3/25/12

Kia Ora,

So this week has been a really fun week. So the news about transfers is: I was shifted down to South Auckland! I am serving in Tamaki Stake in Tangaroa Ward and my companion is Elder Sorensen (The one in the pictures). The week has been so busy and crazy!. The weekend that I got into my new area I got to participate in a Baptismal service! I got to give a talk at the Baptism of M and D Te. This family is awesome. They are a less-active returning family and the 2 youngest kids got baptized. After church on Sunday we went over to their house and had lunch. I got to try some smoked fish and this thing called Puke (Poo-Kay) its banana mixed with coconut cream. It was interesting because the texture is a little weird but it wasn't bad. New Zealand is amazing! We also have 4 other people set for baptism for the weeks coming up. This lady M and her twin daughters A and C are planning on getting baptized this week but Elder Sorensen and I don't know if she'll be ready for this weekend but maybe the next. We will work with her to see if we can prepare her for this weekend but we'll see. Then we also have someone named P set for the 13 which is a Friday because he is busy on the Saturday. I actually haven't met him yet. From what I've been told the only thing thats keeping him back from baptism is his partner. He is living with his partner and she won't marry him until he takes care of his anger problems. He is getting professional help and the gospel so it should happen soon. His family is also against having us over and they kicked the missionaries out last time and so now we have to do lessons at the chapel. It's an amazing ward though. I love it already. The area is really flat and very small so not much biking compared to my last area. Also the ward is really good at fellowshipping. There is this thing each week called Cottage Evening and it basically is FHE but with a few families. The ward is really big for New Zealand. We meet at the stake center and the ward is probably the same size as our ward back home if not bigger. I love it! My companion Elder Sorensen is the Man! He is also the District Leader which means we get a cell phone again. (Oh how I missed it from my first area). Cell phones make missionary work so much easier but we also have a lot more responsibility. We have been working so hard these last few days. Elder Sorensen is from West Valley Utah and he did a year of Uni at Snow College before he came out and he is majoring in music. This next month of April we have a goal of saving 8 souls together. It will be hard but I'm excited because I know the Lord can do all things and I know He will provide if we are worthy and willing.

My thought that I would like to share with you this week comes from Alma 37:37.

"Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings..."

We are not able to do everything on our own. The Lord knows everything and can help us in all that we do. Even the little things we should bring to the Lord because it is a way that we show our humility. By taking all of our questions to Him it is acknowledging Him as the one person that can do all things. He loves to hear from us and get to know us. Understanding that God is our Loving Heavenly Father is the most essential thing to know because if we know this then we know all the many things that He has blessed us with and we know that we can take our problems to Him and he will help us.

I just want you all to know that I love you and that Heavenly Father loves you. Keep working hard in all that your doing and keep the commandments and Heavenly Father will bless you.

Ofa Atu,
Elder Lee

This looks like a blue ladybug. He didn't say.

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