E-mail dated 4/8/12

Kia Ora,

So this week has been a great week especially because we were able to see General Conference. Conference this time was sooo good! I loved Saturday Morning. I think that one was my favorite. This week has been a bit of a slow week though. We weren't able to teach many lessons this week but we did get to have a fun experience. In the middle of our week we were told out of the blue that we were going on trade off the next day with the missionaries at the MTC. The missionary who I went with was originally from Tonga but had been living in Provo for a couple years. He was pretty cool. His name is Elder Tautu'a. He seemed a bit shy and was a bit hesitant to talk to people on the street at first but when we went out he got used to it. We had a lot of fun and a lot of miracles. We had a few walk in lessons that day. It was so much fun. We even got to give a blessing. I don't have much to report on thought but it has been a great week.

My spiritual insight for this week is found in Alma 12. I really like verse 11 because before I never knew that the chains of Hell actually had a meaning. Verse 11 reads, " And they that will harden their hearts, to them is given the lesser portion of the word until they know nothing concerning his mysteries; and then they are taken captive by the devil, and led by his will down to destruction. Now this is what is meant by the chains of hell." So not knowing God and His mysteries is what being bound with the chains of hell really means. There are so many people out there that don't know God and thus are bound by those chains. It is so important for us as members of the Restored Gospel to help them break those chains. As was shared at General Conference so many times, "Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us." I loved what Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said about our Heavenly Father. He said, "The thing God loves most about being God is the thrill of being merciful." Let us help God to be merciful by helping him bring people into the church. What greater act of mercy is there than to help someone access the blessings of the Atonement? This is God's work and no power or force on Earth can stop the work from going forward. Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

I know this is Jesus Christ's church on the earth today. I know Jesus Christ lives and that He is our Savior and Redeemer. Don't ever forget that!

I love you all and hope you have a great week this week.

Ofa Atu,

Elder Lee

P.S. Dad- I'm getting your emails and stop hurting yourself!
Mom- I got the package and I love it. I haven't had Mac & Cheese in ages! It was so good as well as the Sweet and Salty Bars and the PEZ. I've been sharing equally with my companion and he is super grateful as well. We have also been giving a bit to our investigators A and C (The twin 8 year old girls). They are so funny. I love their family.

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