E-Mail Dated 7/30/12

Kia Ora, This has been an interesting week. First, I forgot to tell you all that last Thursday was transfers! It turned out that I got shifted out. So last week I told you about a missionary who came from Gisborne. This week I'm serving in his ward. It was so weird but exciting. The travel was long but fun. We had our transfers meeting on Thursday which we show up to at about 10 and then it starts at 11. After the meeting we went to the Wendy's down the street for lunch before we embarked on our long journey to the South. The drive from Auckland to Gisborne usually takes about 7 or so hours. We left at 1-1:30 in the afternoon, but the trip took longer than expected because the trailer was slowing us down. We stopped in Whakatane for dinner with a member family that the Zone Leaders knew. After that we began again on our journey and when we were getting close to the gorge which means another 2 or so hours drive it was about 8:30 and so we didn't want to risk going through and not being back before 10:30 at the latest. We were told by our AP's to go back to Whakatane and stay with the missionaries there for the night. We got up early the next morning and began again at 6. We got to Gisborne at about 8:30 in the morning. It was a lot of fun experiences. There was so much scenery on the way too so I got a good amount of pictures. My new companion is Elder Rangi. He is Cook Island but was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia. He is crack-up. We are bringing the miracles to Gisborne. (Gisborne is usually known as exile because most people spend ages here and there isn't usually a lot of success but we are going to change that). The last week has been a lot of fun. But it's sad to hear that Grandpa hurt himself again. I attached some pictures of the gorge and of the trip down. Ofa Atu, Elder Lee

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