E-Mail Dated 8/6/12

Kia Ora, Today is a beautiful day in Sun City. (Gisborne is also known as Sun City because it is the first place to see the sun in either the world or New Zealand. I can't remember which). The ironic part is that Gisborne has not seen sun until yesterday since I've been here. I spent a week and a half in the rain! It was not fun! But we were able to see miracles this last week. At the beginning of this week we were going to visit a family when my tire went flat. We had to turn around and start walking towards the flat. While we were walking back a couple guys pull up next to us in a car and asks us to come and visit the passenger. His name is D C. When we first talked to him, my companion recognised the name and was told by his last companion that he was a less-active member. We had set up an appointment for this last Thursday. The morning of the appointment we were joking around saying things like, "He's not going to be a member and when we get there he is going to say Elder's, I want to be baptised. I've already been to church a few times and I've got a few kids as well." When we had gone to the appointment he came and met us and told us that he wanted to be baptised and that he had a few kids and he was already giving up smoking, drugs, and drinking. It was a massive miracle. The Lord really does bring people to our paths! Miracles happen in the great New Zealand Auckland Mission! I love you all. It was very gutting when I heard that Abby died, but it's a stage of life. too bad we can't have our pets sealed to us in the temple! Haha Jokes! So does Ryan now own a dog? or was it just a random dog? or a dog that you're just looking after? Any ways talk to you next week on my Birthday! I'll be 20! Wish Zach a Happy Birthday for me if you can! Love, Elder Lee

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