E-mail dated 2/25/12

Kia Ora,

It was great to hear from all of you this last week. I have been doing great. This last week I had the blessing of going on trade-off with the Zone Leaders for a day. It was a great learning experience. Ever since that trade-off Elder Evans and I have been working our tails off and have seen miracles come from it. On trade-off, I was with Elder Jibas. He is from the Marshall Islands and he is amazing and pretty funny. Our Zone has set a goal for each companionship to have 50 prayers on the street each week. Before the trade-off, I found it hard to do this because sometimes its hard to avoid getting into a routine or a habit when talking to people, but Elder Jibas helped me to be more bold and have prayers with people on the street. Also, because I was on trade-off with the Zone Leaders I was able to go into their area with the car. In fact, I got to drive for some reason. It was a lot of fun though. I love driving in New Zealand, but any ways, because we had the car we got to take a member with us all day! We got to have so many walk in lessons and they were mean as! We set someone for baptism and it has just boosted my spirits in missionary work. This is Heavenly Fathers work and He is always preparing people to receive His gospel. Elder Evans and I were able to learn so much from this trade-off and we have been pushing ourselves so much! If there is any advice I could give to the people back home it would be to just put your trust in the Lord because He knows what is best for us and if he says to go on a mission then He knows that a mission is going to bless our lives eternally. If he says to go to church each week then he knows that if we don't go to church each week then our testimonies will quickly die. An experience I had this last week was that my companion and I were riding home on a Sunday night to go contact some potentials and do our nightly planning and on the way we saw two guys that had just finished playing a game of cricket. WE stopped to talk to them and they were miracles. They were so open! We shared pretty much the entire Restoration and they said that they would have to talk to some trusted people and pray about it. We got their contact information and as we were leaving they asked us if they could say a prayer with us. We were so blown away! If we can teach so clearly and simply for the Spirit to testify of the things that we share then they will have a desire to act on their own. One of the sayings we have here is If you give the person a big enough WHY they will do whatever WHAT or HOW. Its so true. If they understand the Doctrine enough then they will do anything to live the principles. Hope this was able to help someone. Have a great week!

Ofa Atu,
Elder Lee

P.S. The picture is of my companion taking a picture of his name tag in the rain because of the promise that the more rain drops that fall on his name tag the more beautiful his wife will be. Haha I thought it was funny.

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