E-mail dated 1/22/12

Kia Ora,

This week has been a gorgeous week. We had a baptism on Saturday and the confirmation yesterday. T is so cool. She wanted to be baptized so bad. She has been waiting since November to be baptized. The only reason she couldn't get baptized was because of her mom, but her heart has been softened. This next week we have another baptism coming up. The person who is getting baptized this week is named L and he is awesome. His sister just got baptized recently and now he wants to be baptized. Also, this week I got to go on trade-off with one of the Chinese missionaries and we went to two wards which is normal but then after the second ward we had a potluck dinner at the chapel. After that we went into the city where English missionaries aren't normally allowed to go to. It was pretty cool. I never realized how close we were to the Sky Tower. It's was within walking distance when we went to the city. It looks a lot smaller in person but it was cool. Oh and Brittany, this chinese missionary knows you because he is from Brigham City. His name is Elder Matthews. He is a bit of a dork but he's a good missionary. This last week has been a really good week just because of the weather and we've been able to go to a few baptisms and I got to participate in a confirmation. Also, the members in these wards that I cover take care of us. It's hard covering two wards but its fun at the same time. It's hard because one of the wards doesn't really have any investigators and its hard to find people to teach. It's a challenge but we're planning on working to find some investigators for that ward this week. Hope everything is going well back home. Love you all.

Ofa Atu,
Elder Lee

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