E-Mail dated 10/8/12

Kia Ora, How is everyone? Have you all seen General Conference yet? It sounds like there is a lot going on. I haven't gotten to see it yet. We are going to watch it this weekend. I'm pretty excited. I heard they changed the age to go on a mission which is CRAZY! It's been a pretty good week here. We had the opportunity to teach L and her sister, P, about fasting. It was funny because we were just talking with them and then L asked what fasting is. We explained it to her and she said that she wanted to fast for her husband who drinks. She really has a desire to be baptised and everything but it's hard because her husband is holding her back. We are also continuing to work with a Maori/Tongan family. They also have the desire but the dad's not really for it. We notice this week that we are working with a lot of people with family concerns. It's going to be a struggle but it's also rewarding. Hope you are all doing well back home. How is home, Mom? Still lonely? Ofa Atu, Elder Lee

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