E-Mail dated 12/31/12

Well, today is the last day of 2012. It's a bit weird thinking about it. It's been a really good year. Since the call I have only had one really interesting experience. Yesterday we were at our flat at the end of the night and after all of our phone calls with our leaders we were just kind of playing around (Yeah, probably not a good idea). My companion had a green laser that he likes to just shine around for the heck of it and so last night he was shining it out of our window. Nek minnit, a helicopter flies past and so he has this brilliant idea to shine it on it. I was in the other room as this happens and then he comes running into the room that I'm in with all the lights off and then as the helicopter goes around again he shines it on it again. I had warned him and told him not to, but oh well. It was a bit scary because it was like circling the building and so we were a bit worried. I jokingly said things like, "Oh great, now we're going to have the police come banging on our door in the middle of the night." We then called up our District Leader and told him what happened and when we got off the phone it was time for bed. A couple minutes after we got off the phone and hopped in bed we hear this loud as pounding on our door. I looked at the door from my bed because it's got window panes and I could see a light outside. I knew it was going to happen. The police came and confiscated the laser from my companion and told him that it could end up in 14 years in prison. BUT, he did say that it will probably only be a warning because we were cooperative and gave a statement. It was quite nerve racking but it should be alright. At least it makes for a good story. Well that's my story for the week. Not much else happened. I only have a couple pictures from Christmas but I'll send them. We don't really do anything heaps special for New Years. We will probably only be going to a Hangi which is a feed that they cook underground. Not much else planned. We might crack open a bottle of Pam's Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Grape Juice. Hope you all have a good New Years. Love you heaps, Elder Lee

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