E-Mail dated 9/17/12

Kia Ora Fanau, It's weird hearing about all these changes that are going on. It's a little hard to take it all in. Nothing has really changed here. We have been able to find more new investigators this week and get more people to church. I was pretty happy about that. Nothing really memorable happened this week though. We've just been trying to help this recent convert who went less-active to return and helping her sisters to get baptised as well. It's been good though. But I will leave a spiritual thought with you that has helped me. There is a lot of people who beileve that God expects us to be perfect. This seems hard when He knows that we will make mistakes. Why would he then expect us to be perfect? He doesn't! He expects us to use the Atonement and to BECOME perfect. It's definitely not easy but it's what He wants, and what other motive do we need than to receive His everlasting love? Keep working for it! It will come slowly! Love you all, Elder Lee

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