E-Mail dated 1/14/12

Kia Ora My Whanau (Family), This week was pretty good. We had transfers this last week so it's been really interesting. I was not shifted so you all can relax! My companion however was shifted to K which is even more north than here. My new companion however is from Alberta Canada. His name is Elder Taylor Hill. He's only been out for 6 weeks. It's weird because usually at that stage they're still being trained but this time President did something different and made all of the missionaries from that intake Senior Companions. So my companion is going to be Senior but not yet. He's only with me for a couple weeks until the missionary who he's supposed to be training gets here (He's waiting on his visa). What happens after that to me? I don't know. It's a little weird knowing that you're only going to be with a companion for a short time. Oh well the work goes on. We did get a new ward mission leader yesterday which came as a surprise. I just hope our new one will be just as good. We are looking to have a few baptisms in the coming weeks. We have one that is preparing for this Weekend but it's going to take a lot to get him there. With the Lord's help anything is possible. Then we have a girl named C that's going to get baptized in February as well as a guy named G. They are both very solid and I'm excited to be here for their baptisms. Not much else really happened this last week. We had the most boring P-Day last week because we didn't get to do anything fun. But this week we're going to the caves again because the new missionaries in the Zone haven't been. I'm excited. I feel like I've turned into a Maori because they do some really hoary stuff (hoary is kind of like red neck almost but not that bad) and I made a head light out of a flashlight with a clip on it and those earmuffs you sent. It's hilarious. Sorry I forgot to say last week that I love the ties and everything else in the package. There was a missionary in our Zone last transfer who I let borrow the Etch-a-Sketch and that was the first time he had seen it then he showed me a picture of what he had drawn on it and it was like this very detailed drawing of the beach and palm trees with the reflections on the water and the sun setting. I was blown away. I can't even do that drawing regularly let alone on an Etch-a-Sketch. Well not too much else going on. We are also going to this store called Rebel Sports today because we know someone who works there and gets like a 30% discount off on top of any other sales. So we're going for the sale today and she's going to get us 30% off. I've decided I'm going to get an All-Black Jersey because usually they're really expensive. Normally they're about 150 but with the sale and discount it's hopefully going to be about 60 to 75. I'm excited for that. Well, that's my week. Love ya heaps, Elder Lee

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