E-Mail dated 11/12/12

Kia Ora, This week has been a pretty good week! We've been doing a lot of service this week and we also had a couple mean ward activities. On Monday was a holiday called something that sounds like "Guy Forks." I'm not actually sure how you spell it. It's the one day of the year that they do their fireworks. It was really fun because the ward had an activity at the beach that we went and helped with. It was a big barbeque and a bon fire. It was heaps of fun. We also went to have our MCM on Tuesday and while we were waiting we were taking pictures of the Young Women's activity because it was crack up. They were playing a life size board game and at different stations they had to do funny things like put "makeup" on, but the makeup was different food dressings and things. We also had a ward missionary weekend where we had a speaker named Hiriwini Jones come and speak to us. It was all weekend basically and it was mostly about the whakapapa (genealogy) of the maori's and how they are descendants of Lehi. It was a really good weekend. I wish you could have heard it because I can't do it justice. Apparently he's been all around the world and he's done heaps of research. I also got to go on a couple Murae's this weekend. That was the venue for the first two activities. It was really cool because they are the Maori meeting places and they are pretty sacred. So sadly I didn't get any pictures of those. It was a really fun week though. This next week we have a Zone Conference up in Hamilton and so we have to leave on Wednesday to be there for Thursday. It's going to be so much FUN! I love road trips! I'll send some more pictures though. Love you Heaps, Elder Lee One of the Young women's putting on funny clothes.
Our Ward Mission Leader Brother Hales and his wife grilling at the ward activity.
Bon Fire

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