E-Mail dated 11/5/12

Kia Ora, Sorry Mom, for not answering your questions. It's just that usually by the time I start writing a new message, I forget about the questions. I don't think I really need anything. The only thing I would say would be a new pair of slip on shoes. The Clarks Bostonian pair was a good pair. I think I'm wearing a size 9 in this but I'm usually like 10ish. I would get a pair here but they wear out really fast here. My last companion went through a brand new pair of shoes in like 2 weeks. This week was pretty good though. We are trying to work with the members more. I think we've been gaining the trust of the Bishop because he has started inviting us to Ward Council and things. It's been pretty cool. We've decided that we're going to do a service day every week. We get asked to do heaps so we might as well. We also have been going with the other elders a lot lately because we've been told the best way to work our area is to just not worry about the boundaries. We are also looking forward to the Christmas time because it's summer here and it gets pumping! There is going to be heaps of people out that we can talk to. We also made some "Thank You" cards kind of. They are just pictures of us with our names and phone numbers. It looks pretty legit though. I attached the picture that we used and a couple other ones that I thought were funny. Dad- the baptism on the 26 was really good and went off with out a hitch but we didn't have a baptism planned for this last week. Nothing extremely interesting happened last week. Oh we did go fishing for P-day last week which was pretty crack up because all we had for bait was these little hot dog type things and we were using these massive poles in this river that wasn't all that big or deep. We looked like we were going to go deep sea fishing. I'll grab the pictures off the other elders. Love You Heaps, Elder Lee /Elder Gubler with a basketball "helmet" on his head.
1203- Elder Gentry with a basketball "helmet" on his head.
Elder Viane, Myself, Elder Gentry, and Elder Gubler - It was our picture that we put on the card with our phone numbers.
Elder Viane, Elder Gentry, Elder Gubler, and Myself in the middle of a gardens in our area. (We were trying to take a picture that we could put on a card. We didn't end up using it though.)

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