E-Mail dated 11/26/12

Kia Ora, So from everyone's email this week it's been a crazy week. I completely forgot about Thanksgiving. Oh well, it's been fun down here as well. We had a wedding for the other Elders' investigators. It was way hectic because they have one rowdy family. We've been told that looking back on it we're going to see rowdy families and think Man that's nothing! It was good to have their wedding though so now they can get baptized. Not much else happened last week. We had a linger longer after church yesterday because it was the Primary Program which I got to help with which has been heaps of fun. Then we got asked to help out yesterday in Primary doing the Music time because the lady that normally does it had to go with the nursery kids. It was cool though. I was a little caught off guard though cuz I didn't know what I was doing and yet she asked me to conduct. This week is transfers but I don't know what's going to happen. We don't find out until the night before. So I could go but I hope not. I love Gisborne so much. Well I got to go but I love you all heaps. Sincerely, Elder Lee

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