E-Mail dated 12/24/12

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! It's finally here! Well tomorrow any way. It's been so awesome being in this area for Christmas. Yesterday at church was the best Sunday EVER! During the third hour of church we were asked to come into relief society at the end and so we did and they ended up giving us this massive table full of stuff! It was a basket and a couple bags full of just food and shampoo and deodorant and chocolate and yoyos and just about everything you can think of that a missionary would need. It was so much fun. I love this ward. We also have big plans for Christmas and even today after P-Day. Tonight we're going to this investigators house for dinner and she's just a miracle herself. Her name is N and she is a single mum of a very tiny 5 week old baby. When we first knocked on the door she was very apathetic to what we were sharing and didn't really care much to believe in God. We had given her a Book of Mormon and she seemed keen just to read it not for anything else. We tried to say a prayer with her but she said that they don't pray in her house and so we just left with a goodbye. As we've been visiting with her she's changed heaps. She says that we're so close to convincing her that this is the right way and now she prays and wants to feed us even! It's been awesome. Any ways so after her we're going to a couple other investigators. Tomorrow though we're planning to go to like 6 different houses for feeds. It's going to be awesome. We just get to relax! Other than that not much is planned. I did get the package that Mom sent so I'm going to open the one present tonight and then the rest tomorrow. This last week though we had our Christmas Zone Conference which was fun. I got to drive down to Auckland and it's crazy there like D.C. except not quite as messed up. The conference was fun because we got to learn about this new "Master Teacher" thing that's supposed to help us become a better teacher. I'm excited though. It's going to be a mean last bit of my mission. But I'll talk to you more on Christmas so love you heaps. Hope you have lots of questions prepared. Love you heaps. Elder Lee

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