E-mail dated 9/24/12

Kia Ora, Hope everything is going well back home. Sounds like it has been pretty boring though. It was funny on the 7th of this month I was thinking, "I hit my year mark in one week from today." The funny part is that 2 weeks later I realised that I had already passed it and I didn't even think about it. That's what happens when you lose yourself in the work. This week has been one of the happiest and best weeks of my mission! Being able to go to the temple and being able to see a massive change in myself and my companion as a result has been the most amazing thing to see. We have seen heaps of miracles since going to the temple. We now have 4 new sets for October that will be baptised for sure and we also have a couple other investigators that are experiencing miracles as well. We have an investigator named L who comes to church and everything but the only thing that was holding her back was her drinking and her husband, who is a less-active member, wants to baptise her. She recently found out that she is pregnant and so that means no more drinking! They also found out yesterday that her mum up in Auckland is getting baptised! This should be a huge help for her. Her desire is going to sky-rocket when she sees that. What's crazy also is that we're teaching her sister across the street named P. She is a miracle as well because we taught her the Restoration and extended the commitment of reading the intro and praying. It was so cool because the next time we went by we found out that she studied the intro and read the scripture it refers to (Moroni 10: 3-5). She really liked it but unfortunately she didn't pray that time. We went by the next day or two later and she said that she prayed for her family and about the Book of Mormon and she felt like a huge burden was lifted and she felt really good. They are one prepared family! Miracles in Mangapapa! We are going to get this area pumping! I love this area and my companion! Love you all heaps, Elder Lee P.S. Mum- would it be possible for you to send me some Captain Crunch and Cinamon Toast Crunch. My companion wants to try them.

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